Black Box Stocks Review

Black Box Stocks review


Black Box Stocks Review
Black Box Stocks Review
Combined screening tools for stocks and options
Strong community
Discord channel and private Twitter groups
Free educational events

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Black Box Stocks is a stock scanner platform that generates a daily list of hottest gainers and decliners. It features pre-and post-market scanners. There’s also a live trading room for free webinars where professional traders share knowledge on diverse trading and investment styles. Black Box Stock is a good scanner for people who look for stock picks and strategy recommendations. It’s pretty convenient, displays everything critical on the same screen, constantly monitoring over 12,000 stocks.

Black Box Stocks offers a solid live news feed comparable to Benzinga. Black Box Stocks uses an algorithm that crunches numbers at night to generate alerts and recommendations for stocks and options trades. Each alert comes with a description and an explanation of which signals were used to recommend it. In addition, the live charting tool and volatility indicator offer a view on stocks breakouts and top gainers.


BlackBoxStocks provides a variety of trading tools, including options and stocks. These tools help traders find, analyze and trade the best trade setups. Some of the key features are a stock market scanner, an options scanner, charts and many other features. Let’s take an in-depth look.


Each stock that triggers an alarm has institutional-grade charts. It allows users to see the reason for the alert quickly. You can add studies or choose from the line, bar, and candlestick charts. Users can track along with the graphs by referring to the trading location of the underlying stock at the time they received the alert.

Pre-Post-Market Scanner

Pre-market and post-market scanners are continuously running in real-time. Here, speed is vital. Stocks that meet the criteria are alerted. You can then view these stocks in the Alert Log along with the underlying charts. To help you evaluate potential trades or setups, users can also add favorite indicators to the charts.


Alerts are streamed throughout the day and saved to the Alerts Log. You can sort them by volatility and percentage change, and you can also access each symbol’s chart and news. Pre-configured algorithms will find options and stocks that see heavy activity, so you are always close to the action.


The chatroom is often occupied by 100 members or more at any time. The Shot Callers are experienced traders and moderators. The traders are experienced, and I find many profitable ideas in this forum. My favorite traders are the ones I follow every day, and this alone makes it worth paying the membership fee. It motivates me to work hard every day, seeing how top traders react and scan.

Black Box Stocks Pricing

Black Box Stocks has only one subscription plan billed at $99.97 a month or $959 annually. Unfortunately, there is no free trial available.

Is Black Box Stocks Worth It?

This package is a great value, considering it includes real-time data fees and the Fly-on-the-Wall Newsfeed. In addition, it’s a great trading tool and an excellent learning platform to keep you connected to market opportunities all day.

Although some traders might be reluctant to try the tool for $99.97, it is worth a shot. BlackBoxStocks is an excellent alternative to some tools that you might already have.


  • Integrated day trading strategies
  • Trading ideas from top traders daily
  • Data subscription & newsfeed included in the subscription plan


  • No free trial
  • Inexperienced traders might find it hard to use
8.5 Total Score
Good scanner with strong signals

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Ease of use
  • Combined screening tools for stocks and options
  • Strong community
  • Discord channel and private Twitter groups
  • Free educational events
  • The trader chat distracts attention from what is happening on the financial markets
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