Stock Rover Review

Stock Rover Review

Free to $28/mo

Stock Rover Review
Stock Rover Review
Free to $28/mo
Exceptional screening, over 600 indicators
News feed & massive historical data

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In a nutshell

Stock Rover is a stock screening platform that allows sophisticated regressions of stock price to indicator correlation analysis for technical and fundamental data. The Stock Rover advanced platform combines scanning, research, and charting. In addition, SR offers ten years of detailed financial historical data with 650 indicators and ratings.

Stock Rover is a great stock screener for value investors. Stock Rover Premium opens a whole new level of investment analysis.

Stock Rover Screener

Stock Rover’s screeners allow you to review thousands of stocks or ETFs to identify the best investments for your risk tolerance and goals. You can filter assets using hundreds of metrics. Additionally, you can search through over 130 stock and ETF screeners in Stock Rover’s library. Stock Rover is a powerful, fundamentals-based stock screening tool with built-in scans. Each built-in scan is explained and has a criteria formula. Many of these scans are very detailed and in-depth. You can modify the criteria by creating your scans.

Stock Rover’s comparison tool allows you to compare ETFs and stocks side-by-side. The Table tool compares all stocks and ETFs that you enter and organizes them according to factors such as dividends, historical returns and valuation.

Stock Rover’s Insight panel allows you to access financial statements, earnings transcripts and analyst ratings. 


Stock Rover’s stock charts tools make it easy to compare your portfolios with benchmarks such as the S&P 500, which tracks the performance of the most publicly traded US companies.

These tools allow you to chart more than a hundred metrics, including the price/earnings ratio.

Technical Indicators

Charting is limited to the most commonly used indicators, such as volume and Relative Strength Indicator. Eight indicators are included in the limited list of indicators. The right combination of these basic indicators can produce good results or confirm signals. Stock Rover is not a “technical charts” platform, like TradingView. However, enough technical indicators make these charts useful for investors and swing traders.

For which type of trader is Stock Rover best suited?

Stock Rover is ideal for self-directed investors or swing traders who rely on qualitative and fundamental data to make stock selections and manage portfolios. Researchers and analyst-types that love comparing financial ratios and metrics to find overlooked stocks will love this service. To narrow down my picks to a few undervalued or overlooked stocks. 

Is the StockRover Worth It?

In conclusion, Stock Rover Premium is an excellent deal at $179.99 per year. For $279.99 per year, more advanced users who want customization can opt for Premium Plus. Access to stock screeners built-in is well worth the price. 

The Premium plan costs $180/year ($15/month). You can also be billed monthly at $17.99 per month.

It isn’t easy to find another platform that offers the same features at a similar price. Stock Rover includes stock screening, alerts and charting and overall provides an exceptional value. Overall, it is a simple matter to test the platform and see if it suits you. Sign up for a free account and then upgrade if you like it.

8.5Expert Score
Great stock screener

Stock Rover offers an advanced stock screening and filtering, analytics and an impressive set of indicators along with historical financial data.

Broker Integration
Easy to Use
  • Exceptional screening, over 600 indicators
  • News feed & massive historical data
  • No social community
  • Lack of international markets