Yahoo Finance Screener Review

Yahoo Finance scanner review
Yahoo Finance Screener Review
Yahoo Finance Screener Review
Free to use
Good newsfeed & financial data

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Yahoo Finance is well known for its news feed. The screener is not on par with the news functionality. It offers only a small number of indicators available for screening and filtering. 

It also won’t allow you to save your screening settings and export the results.

Yahoo! Finance Screener is extremely basic, it’s not recommended for anyone who is serious about trading. Yahoo Finance’s strong side is the news feed and its abundant financial data, but the scanning and screening feature is poor.

There are a few preconfigured screeners, for example, most shorted stocks – the stocks with the highest short-interest positions are sorted by short % of outstanding shares according to exchanges reports every two weeks.Another example is the Technology Stocks filter, which shows stocks with revenue and earnings growth over 25%.

5.8Expert Score
Free to use but extremely basic

Yahoo! Finance’s stock screener is free and easy to use, it offers simple filtering for stocks by price, by exchange, and a few other criteria. Overall, might be useful for beginners but not a good fit for anyone else.

Newsfeed & analytics
Ease to use
  • Free to use
  • Good newsfeed & financial data
  • Extremely basic screening