Zacks Review

Best Free Zacks Scanner Review

Free to $249

Zacks Review
Zacks Review
Free to $249
Functional scanner, even the free version

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Zacks Review

Zacks’ free version includes many features, so many investors won’t have to pay for the Zacks Premium version. With many filters to choose from, you can select from over 90 items or use predefined scanners that many investors regularly use to find the best stocks. This tool is useful for swing traders because it provides a comprehensive list and allows users to choose their criteria.

The scanner filters include market cap, average volume, P/E, dividend yield percentage 52-week high and dividend yield percent 52 week high. In addition, Zacks offers one of the best free scanners. It has 96 filters and nine predefined screens. Zacks Premium also comes with a 30-day free trial.

Zacks Premium

Zacks Premium subscribers will have access to the Zacks Earnings Prediction (ESP Filter), which shows you which stocks are more likely to earn higher or lower than expected. Premium screens are also available, which can be broken down into different categories like value, growth and momentum. Zacks claims their screens have a suitable list for all types of investors. To filter out the criteria you don’t want in your portfolio, and you can create your own screener.

The Zacks #1 Ranking List lists the top 5% stocks with the highest growth potential each day. This list is divided into five categories: income, value, momentum, VGM and growth. You can then focus on the stocks most relevant to your investing style. The Focus List lists the top long-term investments based on earnings momentum. The Zacks Industry Group divides securities into more than 250 industry groups. Premium Insight provides daily market research and upgrades as well as downgrades.

Data from NYSE and AMEX is delayed at least 20 minutes. NASDAQ data is delayed at most 15 minutes.

Zacks is a well-known name in the investment research industry thanks to its extensive range of analytical, research, and educational tools. So next time you are looking at stocks, make sure to read Zacks’s thoughts!

7.3Expert Score
Easy-to-use scanner

Zacks packs many features into its free version and many investors 

  • Functional scanner, even the free version
  • Outdated website
  • Limited amount of filters