Finviz Review

Finviz Screener Review

Free or $39/mo

Finviz Review
Finviz Review
Free or $39/mo
Great screening tools with lots of indicators
Offers a strong free plan
Intuitive and easy-to-use

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Finviz Review

Finviz Review

Finviz is a platform that carries market data, news, and analytics tools for traders. Many of its features can be used for free or may require a simple registration. It’s an easy-to-use yet extremely powerful platform. 


Finviz, a web-based platform, offers a free stock screener and market research and a financial news platform. While most of the services are free, there is an option to subscribe for more advanced features. The paid plan (Finviz Elite) allows you to test trading strategies before using them in real life.

Finviz Indicators

Finviz is known for its simplicity. However, Finviz is far more powerful than you would think when used for the first time.


Finviz Screener

The stock screener is one of the most popular features on the site. This tool filters stocks by specific criteria, such as price, market cap, volume, sector, and many other factors. There are three types of analysis tabs on the FINVIZ Elite stock screening homepage: Technical, Descriptive, and Fundamental. The All tab gives you a comprehensive view of all scanning tools. This stock screener offers filters that help you to narrow down your search.

You can sort the results using a variety of criteria. There are more than 55 criteria. In addition, you can create thousands of filter variations by adapting them to different settings for further fine-tuning of the screener.
Finviz Elite is not required to use the various filters. However, Finviz Elite is needed to create price alerts or export the results by clicking on the “export” button in the lower right corner.

A part of the screener functionality is the Finviz heat map feature. With its highly informative graphics, the tool provides a quick overview.
These maps show which shares are moving in which direction (red = falling; green = rising); and market significance (area). Each box’s size represents the relative market capitalization of these stocks, sectors and industries.

Finviz Heatmap

You can switch to a bubbles view in addition to the map view. This shows individual stocks by sector and their changes over time. To narrow down the view, you can use many filters in this chart.
This visualization helps me understand the performance of different sectors over time. You can use this information to determine if markets are showing weakness or strength.


The newsfeed streams the most recent news chronologically or by source. Sources include some trusted media outlets like Bloomberg, CNBS, CNN, WallStreetJournal and MarketWatch, among others. The news section has a split between blog posts and news. Both come from carefully curated sources which ensures a high-quality product.
This section will contain news about every company. However, you can search for specific companies to see the report.


Finviz also offers a Portfolio tool, which is an exciting feature. Investors can use this tool to build their portfolios by entering the stocks and ETFs they have traded. Finviz will track your total P&L once you have entered the data. It will also track individual changes to each ticker that you add. Finviz will display news about all tickers in your portfolio, organized by day. 


Insider trading keeps track of transactions made by directors and executives at publicly traded companies. This is an excellent method to gauge how executives view their companies’ stock. For example, a signal could be when a few company executives sell their stock in large quantities. However, if they are buying more stock, this could be a positive sign. Finviz uses color-coding as a way to indicate which transactions are sell transactions (in red), which are ‘buys’ (in green), or option exercises (white).

You can view insider movements on specific stocks by clicking or searching for them and then going to the stock page. 

Finviz Pricing

Finviz offers many entirely free features. Registration is only required to access the portfolio section. Yet, there are some limitations to its free features. The delay between quotes, charts, and maps is three to five seconds. Also, you can’t save or export anything you collect. Finviz Elite accounts are required to access real-time data and exporting capabilities.

The Elite service costs $39.50 monthly (or $24.96 a month if billed annually). You can access back-testing capabilities and additional features and enhancements to some free components. All the Elite features are also ad-free. Advanced notification features allow you to track stocks better.

Final Thoughts

Finviz is a powerful instrument that you can use for free. The stock screener is an excellent tool for day traders and beginners. It is instrumental, even though some data may be delayed for free plan users. The Elite plan gives you additional analytical tools to help you simulate trading and investing strategies. Although the website is easy to use, it’s not your only choice. Finviz is a valuable tool for investors.

8.5Expert Score
Great value stock screener

The Free plan is a good option for new traders. The Elite plan offers an excellent stock screener. One of the most popular screeners that filters stocks based on user-chosen indicators.

Trading ideas
Ease of use
  • Great screening tools with lots of indicators
  • Offers a strong free plan
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use
  • No stock picking advice
  • Only US markets
  • Futures data is delayed 20 minutes