Trade Ideas Test Drive Review

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Trade Ideas Test Drive is an excellent opportunity to get temporary access to the premium features, including Holly, an A.I. investment discovery engine, and the OddsMaker (the backtesting tool), as well as many other premium features. Test Drive is a regular event that happens four times a year and lasts for two weeks.

Trade Ideas is an intra-day stock scanner that offers many opportunities for active day traders. In addition, it provides a lot of preconfigured scanners. Although the platform is intimidating for first users, it becomes an indispensable tool once they become accustomed to it.

Trade Ideas Key Features

Brokerage plus

Connect T.I. to your broker to help you identify trading opportunities and create trading strategies. The IBKR account will automate your strategies and then execute them.


This great feature automatically allows you to optimize and backtest your trading strategies to increase ROI.

Chart Windows & Alerts

Chart Windows allows you to verify the alerts without leaving the platform visually.

One-click trading

This nifty feature allows you to trade on the chart. Click and drag to adjust your limit.


T.I. offers high-quality real-time news feeds. Test Drive participants also get a chance to win the full premium subscription.

How to Sign Up for Trade Ideas Test Drive

Test Drive is a quarterly event, and you can sign up to be notified about the next Test Drive below.

9.3Expert Score
Top choice for active traders

Incredibly powerful A.I. backed screener.

Ease of use
Integration with brokerages
  • Best in class screening
  • Backtesting, alerts and automated trading
  • A.I. powered stock picks
  • No free plans
  • UI can be overwhelming for beginners
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