TraderVue Review

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Tradervue is a trading journal service designed to assist traders with using data and analytical tools to improve their performance. It integrates a social media element with a diverse and growing community of traders, allowing members to share their trades and performance.

This service encourages discipline, planning, preparation, and analysis of trades.

Tradervue Pricing options

Tradervue offers three types of plans:

The Free Plan allows 100 stock trade journal entries per month, along with reports and journals. Sharing is allowed.

The Silver Plan is $29 per month. It includes unlimited trade entries in stocks, options futures, and FX, with enhanced journaling and reporting features, price chart studies, analysis, and more.

The Gold Plan is $49 per month and includes everything in the Silver Plan, including commissions/fee support, more than 300 advanced reports, liquidity tracking, risk tracking, exit analysis, and risk monitoring.

Silver and Gold Plans include a free 7-day trial.

Tradervue Pricing Options
Tradervue Pricing & Features

TraderVue Features

P&L and Automatic price charts

You can view your trade’s P&L in real-time. For intraday trades, you can see your combined P&L throughout the trading day. This will highlight where a trade fits in the day. Charts on multiple timeframes are available when you record a trade in a journal. The charts will show you your buy/sell points, even for trades from years ago.

Trade Notes

Keep track of your trades and make notes to review later. You can either enter them during the trading session or you can wait until later. This will allow you to choose how much trading you wish to do. Keep track of the whole trading day, even if you don’t trade. Journal View makes it easy to group trades and other notes by day. You can also tag your trades and filter your trades using these tags to find exactly what you are looking for. You can see how a system or setup works at a glance.

Sharing & mentorship

One of the best features of this site is the ability for members to share ideas and trades and comment on other people’s trades. It is motivating to watch successful traders and gain a feel for their style. You can control and filter what information is shared. If you work with a mentor, you can give them access to your trading journal, and you can even see comments about specific trades.


Summary of the day, a recap of trading performance over the past week, trading activity on recently shared trades, and pointers to trades that others have traded in the same instruments as you.

Exit Analysis

This chart shows your entry and exit points. It can be used to refine your exit triggers. This can be done manually, but it’s much easier to do on the Tradervue platform. You can instantly go through each trade and spot any areas that need improvement.

TraderVue can be integrated with the most popular brokers and the trades can be imported automatically, but not all features will be supported by every platform.


It’s a great tool for traders who are determined to improve their performance, import your trades and dedicate some time to review them to get better.